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Below are all of dfomdev's development blogs, with the newest being at the very top of the page. The purpose of these devblogs is to keep our audience updated on our ongoing projects and updates within our community. We try to publish a devblog every couple of months, or whenever we feel that we have enough information to share with the public.

After working on the game for a couple of months, it is now at the stage where Ican finally release details regarding it to the public. So, without further ado, I'm happy to announce that Infection is the new game developed by me.

Infection is an instant action horde type FPS where there will waves of enemies spawning. There will be many different maps to choose from, as well as being able to change the amount of waves available. In a future update, there will be a shop added where you will be able to choose new things like other weapons, armor, and abilities. Along with the main wave horde mode, I am planning on adding other small things such as a small campaign with small questions that people can do for fun. It wont be exactly connected, but this game is essentially a compilation of everything I've learned with Unity so far.

Archived AtroxGS Devblogs

The following were devblogs which were for games being developed for AtroxGS, my former game studio. Please note that because these are archived blogs which were created a while ago, they are no longer accurate and may display incorrect information. If you would like to learn more about AtroxGS and its games, click here.

Survived Description

By yourself or with friends, your mission is to explore an epic ocean full of obstacles in the way and to expand your base.

Trapped on a small island with nothing but bare hands to survive, players awake on an island with no other people in sight! With a dry throat and an empty stomach, survival will not be easy!

Survived throws you and your friends into an epic adventure out on the big world, with the objective to stay alive, gather resources and build yourself a portable or stable home worthy of survival.

Resources are tough to come at sea: Players will have to make makeshift weapons and tools and find whatever is buried beneath the ocean surface. However, thirst and hunger is not the only danger in the game... watch out for the enemies on land and water too!

Fact Sheet

Developer: Survived Interactive
Based in USA
Publisher: N/A
Release Date: Q2 2019
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac OS
Regular Price: Free
Game Website:
Studio Website: N/A
Press/Business Contact: [email protected]
The Team:
Dennis Fomichev, Founder, Lead Programmer
Tobias Robsahm, Co-Founder, Community Manager
Michael Santoro, 2D Artist
Note: A Lot Of The Facts Are N/A As We Are A Recently Established Game.


Multiplayer! Survive by yourself or with friends in online co-op!
Craft! Build survival equipment, weapons, tools and more to help you stay alive!
Build! Expand your land from something small, to a kingdom!
Fight! Defend your base from the mighty creatures that come across your island!

Hello everybody and welcome to the new website! We have switched from google sites to weebly. Here you can find lots of info about the game. There has been a lot of progress made for the game. Currently, We have all the menus done and we have a save and load feature! Next we are going to be adding music to the game. The assets will be added in very soon but they are not ready at the moment. Until next time...

Hey everyone. I hope everybody had a great Fourth of July! Today is blog day!!! In the last weeks/days we have made some more progress to the game. Since we removed the config page in alpha 3, we needed to add settings to the settings menu. That has been added in the newest version! You will be able to change you language, if its fullscreen, graphics quality, and resolution. We have also fixed a few bugs and added a few more small features/changes. This is all for today but there will more updates in the future!

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! I hope all of you have a great time spending time with friends and family. As we are nearing the end of 2018, I figured it was time to make a new dev blog, since we havent made one in about 6 months. So as most of you have seen, the website has been updated a lot. We got a new presskit, redesigned the contact menu and more! Thanks to CheesyBoiNL for helping me with this. CheesyBoiNL, also became a fulltime worker on Survived! We also got a new 2D Artist on our team, Aka HomotheHobo69! He made our new logo and the two island pictures. Alpha 4 has been delayed a-lot, but only because we are still trying to solve issues with the pause menu. It will be released soon though! Alright, thats the end of the dev blog. I hope all of you have a great end of 2018 and have a good start of 2019!


We thank everyone who has stuck with us throughout the journey. You can play version 0.0.6, but it may have bugs or be unstable since it was the last version we stopped developing.

Welcome to the ultimate car racing simulator, where you can race with your friends, or bots. The game is currently in development, so expect lots of bugs and issues. Have fun!

CarX on Discord

CarX now has an official Discord server! If you want to talk with the developers, or with the community, be sure to join! Link:


CarX is a single and multiplayer game where you can race cars and try to get the best score on a map. You can play by yourself or with bots!

(This game is in beta, so expect lots of bugs here and there)


WASD + Mouse - Controls the player/car
Escape - Activates pause menu
/ - Activates FPS counter
C - Switches cameras
Left mouse click - Horn


Make a new folder called CarX. Unzip the file into that folder. Now open the folder and start the game.

For people who receive this message: "There should be CarX_Data folder next to the executable", you must have the data folder and the .exe file in the same folder.

Patch 0.0.2 - February 26, 2019

Note: The primary focus of this release was to fix some of the bugs encountered in the vehicles, UI, and terrain. More fixes will be deployed as the game progresses. This update also includes some features in preparation for the content update. If all goes as planned, the next update will be released on Monday March 4, 2019. Thanks for all your support!

-Added splash screen
-Redesigned main menu, options menu and pause menu
-Added new music
-Added some terrain features (e.g rocks, power lines, flag, color on mountains)
-Added credits section
-Added mini-map
-Remove config pop up that opens when you click the game. You can change your settings now in the options menu ;)

-Fixed issue where there were a few trees on the track
-Fixed issue where the main menu music continued to play upon loading game
-Fixed issue where car was making squealing noises even when it was perfectly stable
-Made the car much more handled (And even more handling issues are going to be solved next update!)
-Sort of fixed issue where the car would spin out when turning (We are still working on this issue!)

-Made car speed from 150 to 100 mph, to fix some issues.
-Made car from AWD to RWD. Tell me if you want it changed back
-Made the road wider

Please note that we are still working on the camera issue at the moment, as well as many others, and are hoping to release the fixes in the next update.

Patch 0.0.3 - March 11, 2019

Note: The primary focus of this release was to fix a few bugs and to update to a newer version of Unity to make way for Linux! The new Unity version also provides optimization and allows for more features to be added to the game. Please note that the car does feel and handle much differently now. If all goes as planned, our next update will be a content update! Thanks for all your support.

-Added lap timer (WIP)
-Added version text to the menu
-Added new menu music
-Updated Unity version
-Added Linux support
-Added a new icon for the game

-Removed credits menu. It will be added soon in the content update

-Fixed issue where pause menu would not work/pop up
-Fixed issue where the music would not play
-Fixed issue where in game, some parts of road are bumpy
-Fixed issue where the music slider would not work (The other two are still a work in progress. We are hoping to have it fixed next patch!)

-Made the car **MUCH** more stable
-Tweaked the car to make less of the squealing noises
-Added more trees around the world

And only one week late :-)

Patch 0.0.4 - March 15, 2019

Note: This update is probably the biggest one yet. The primary focus of this update was to continue to fix bugs and to add more features. Due to AtroxGS working very hard these past weeks, we will take a break and not release an update for 1-2 months. Thanks for all your support!

-Added wind to the game (WIP)
-Added barrier to map so you won't be able to fly out
-Added skybox
-Added animation to pause menu
-Added restart button to pause menu
-Added options button to pause menu
-Made settings auto save (WIP; Some settings don't save)
-Added apply button (WIP; Some settings don't work)

-Made it so you can't go through rocks anymore
-Made it so the car does not glitch when you back up for a while
-Made the finish flag not floating and gave it a collision. Watch out, you can't drive through it anymore!
-Made all the things that are supposed to be in corners go to corners
-Fixed issue where in pause menu, you would hover one item, and it would select the button below
-Fixed issue where car audio would play in pause menu
-Fixed issue where the game would not run on Linux
-Fixed issue where upon backing up, the car would not go forward, and continue backing up

-Made the car's steering a lot better
-Made a few terrain tweaks
-Made pause menu text bigger
-Changed the color of the mini-map border from white to gold
-Tweaked the size and color of the timer text
-Spaced the pause menu items differently
-Set the default quality option to medium

Patch 0.0.5 - April 4, 2019

Note: The primary focus of this update was to roll out lots of features. Not many bugs were fixed in this update due to us not finding any/nobody reporting any. Also, we have begun working on the first content update, and its going great! We are hoping to have about 2-3 more updates after this one to be released. Thanks again for all your support!

-Redesigned main menu and options menu
-Added roadmap option to game
-Added option to switch cameras (Default key is C)
-Added FPS counter to game (Default key is /)
-Added horn (Default key is left mouse click)
-Added splash screen
-Added friction to car (WIP)
-Added some bumps and track features to map
-Added countdown in-game
-Added bot (WIP)
-Added place counter
-Added options applied text

-Fixed issue where flag was hanging off pole
-Fixed issue where texture on flag would not display
-Fixed scaling issues
-Fixed issue where cursor would appear in game

-Moved the flag back a little
-Centered main menu text
-Terrain tweaks

Please note that we have also updated the Scripting Runtime Version to .NET 4.x from .NET 3.x. We have also updated the page with more info and screenshots!