Note: The following were games published and developed by AtroxGS. Because I no longer publish/develop under the AtroxGS name, all my of old products are available on this separate page. You may also download the games from their version specific download buttons. Also, because these games are old, they are no longer supported and do not receive updates. Finally, in case you interested in reading and learning about the devblogs that were posted during the development of some of these games, you can click here and scroll to the very bottom.

Installation Instructions: To install the following games, extract all of the zip file contents into one folder and launch the exe file. Make sure that all of the data files are in the same folder as the executable, otherwise the game will be unable to launch.

Survived - 2018

Trapped on a small island with nothing but bare hands to survive, players awaken on an island with no other people in sight! With a dry throat and an empty stomach, survival will not be easy. Survived throws you and your friends into an epic adventure in the middle of nowhere with the objective being to survive and get home safely.

CarX - 2019

Welcome to the ultimate car racing simulator, where you can race with your friends or bots. CarX is a singleplayer and multiplayer game where you can race cars and try to get the best score on a map. You can play by yourself or with bots!

Deadzone - 2020

In the early 21st century, an unknown faction of scientists, in an attempt to concoct ghastly experiments, accidentally unleashed a deadly virus that spread its way around the world -- killing billions and mutating the survivors into horrendous creatures. You are one of the only survivors left that did not get infected with the deadly virus. You have just run out of resources to survive in your shelter, and need to step foot in the real world.